• Percy the Labrador

A Forever Memory.....

This wonderful painting of me 'The Perce" has been drawn by the very clever Natalia Daraselia, from a post I made on Reddit.

She has made such a wonderful likeness and the background is so happy, that I thought I would share it with everyone. Her work and web site can be found here http://bit.ly/ndarts

On another note, did you know that I now have a number of social media sites? It would be nice if you follow me and join in. All my social media links can be found nice and easily here https://linktr.ee/percythelabrador_uk

I hope you have had a chance to look at my 'Percy Pals Page" https://www.percythelabrador.co.uk/percy-s-pals-page it shows my friends from around the world (to have your picture added just send an email to percythelabrador@gmail.com with a photo, your name and the country you are living in.

See you soon my friends.

The Perce x

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