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Flying with Embark Pets

Hi Folks,

Good News Everyone! .... Lockdown in Spain is becoming a little more relaxed and Dad has been told he just might be able to fly again from the 25th May.

And...'Embark Pets' 'who make dependable gear for you and your pup!" are loving my adventures and are sponsoring our first trip to Cordoba in Spain! I can't believe it! How Cool! I'll be flying with Mum & Dad in a Piper PA28 to the city of Cordoba, having a mooch about, a bit of lunch, and a sleepover!

It will be back to the good old days of Adventure Trips, for both my YouTube and Hideout TV channels.

Check out Embark Pets at https://www.embarkpets.co.uk/ and use this special Percy Discount Code - PERCY15 on any of their super products.

Thank you for reading, I have now left the building.... and in the mortal words of Elvis The King.... "Stay off of my blue suede shoes.....Thank you very much."

The Perce xxx

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