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Gallery of my Pals

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Recently I've been very lucky to have been sent a number of pictures and videos of my doggy Pals from around the world saying 'Hi.'

So it made me think of a genius idea!....What if I set up a gallery on my webpage featuring you all!

I will name it.......PERCYS SUPER PALS!

But I can't do it without you! So if you want to get involved...email me a Picture with your Name, Town and Country to percythelabrador@gmail.com and I will be sure to add it.

The picture below is of 'Max' he's watching my 'Gardening Tip's video on Youtube. It's great!

I really look forward to seeing all your faces.

Lots of Kisses, The Perce

YouTube Channel: Percythelabrador

This is Max who sent me a Video on Instagram @percythelabrador_uk

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