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Getting Ready to Go on my Travels

Hi Everyone, I've had some adventures over the past 6 years, but next year I'm stepping it up a gear. I'm only off on a trip around Spain for a WHOLE year!!

My Mum & Dad have decided that winters in England are far too too cold and are seeking a warmer climate.. so we are off!!

I've had to visit the Vets to have my passport credentials checked (due to potential new Brexit laws) and we are currently awaiting the results. You can see that video here:- https://youtu.be/dvYXU5V2KMc

Also this week, I've been filming for 'Rabbitgoo' who have kindly sent me a harness to try out. It's very good and the video will be out next week... So keep a look out!

Just one last note...I now have a donate account with PayPal, if you would like to donate a little something for me.. you can!


So anyways, got to go, I can smell chicken!

Love you all. The Perce xxx

Percy the Black Labrador has been to the Vets
I love going to the Vets

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