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Happy New Year!! 2020

Hi Folks and Happy New Year to you all. Hope you had a great Festive Break and enjoyed seeing in the New Year. I personally was asleep by 9.00pm, I opened an eye when I heard some cheering, then I went back to sleep.

You may already know but it's all change for me. I have now moved to Spain to the Andalucia Region.

Looks like I have some exciting things coming up this year.

So, it got me thinking, we have known each other a while now, but do you truly know me?

Would you like to know more about me? I would love me make and Questions and Answers video for you guys... so I need some questions!! You can post them in the messages and I will pick 10 or so of the best. I'm quite excited about it!

Also try out my new 'Hideout TV channel- Percy The Labrador - ' it's an online Video Content Channel that pays you to watch your favourite content, I'm on there and so is my mum and dads channels.

It's Free - You can Join here https://hideout.tv/viewerSignup.php?refer=412228


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