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HOLIDAY20 Discount Code

Hi Folks,

It's Christmas!!! So why not get cosy by the fire with one of my Mugs or a fancy T-Shirt? Good idea Perce! I hear you say... well, here's a little gift for you from me! A discount code HOLIDAY20 which gives you 20% discount. Hooray for the Perce! :) You can shop here......https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/percy-the-labrador-store- there are many colours and designs, to suit all! (there's a nice pink one, that I ordered for my Grandma) If you do buy one, or lucky enough to receive one, send a picture of yourself with it into percythelabrador@gmail.com and I will feature it on my website and social media. Happy Holidays to one and all.


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