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Houston We Have a Problem!!!

Hi Folks,

Well, Houston we definitely have a problem! and that problem is my right shoulder! Over the last few months, my Mum and Dad thought I had pulled a muscle.....so off I went to the Vets! only to find out after an X-Ray that I've got Arthritis! (Oh no!)

The Vet has advised that I take Glucosamine tablets every day and he has given me pain killers while I'm awaiting my appointment in Seville to have an Operation.

I feel soo blessed that I have received so many well-wishes from all my friends on the internet. I love you all and you make me feel very special.

Some of those friends have asked if they can help in any way......ummmmm, there is one way! - buy my Tee-shirts! Especially my new very cool one! 'Percy Air - The Flying Labrador!

You can buy my Air Percy T-Shirt right here: https://percy-the-labrador-store.creator-spring.com/listing/percy-air-t-shirt?product=373



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