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Percy as a Puppy - The Lost Footage!

Hi Everyone, recently we were looking through some old computer files having a general clean up, and came across some old footage of Percy! Footage of the time we first met him as a tiny puppy. Join us of Thursday 10th Oct at 20:30hrs UK time to watch what we found. YouTube. https://youtu.be/EVVI2PHjrVo

So, the season has turned over here in the UK, the weather is getting colder, wetter and the nights are drawing in, which can only mean once thing!... CHRISTMAS IS COMING!! Yay!

So, why not join my Dad and his mate Patrick with a #percythelabrador T-Shirt and become part of Team Percy! (other designs are available) You can get them here https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/percy-the-labrador-store

Kisses to all my Pals around the world that have joined in on my 'Percy Pals Page' .

Love you all... it's nice to spread love around the globe.

The Percy xxx

Clifford & Patrick with #percythelabrador t-shirts

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