• Percy the Labrador

My Big Adventure has Started....

Hi Folks, It's been another busy week with lots going on. My Big Adventure is starting now......

I have said my farewells to my girlfriend Meggy-Moo (check out last weeks video)https://youtu.be/6N4iZoqC6as and my mum and Dad have started to pack up our lovely little home.... cos we're off to find a new one!

I will be doing my usual weekly video, and will now be doing a 'Dog..umentary' of my adventures across the Channel and into Europe. We are going on our travels with no real plan, a few pounds in our back pocket and my best toy Burt! Follow us and see where we go, who we meet and where we end up.... what can go wrong...right! 🤘

This is part 1 of Percy the Labradors Big Adventure
Percy the Labrador is on a Big Adventure

Peace & Love, & Kisses


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