• Percy the Labrador

Percy the Labrador flies around Spain

It's been a long old lockdown and a lot of time has been spent hanging around the Villa here in Spain, but now we are about to go adventuring again, as we planned before the lockdown!! Woooo!

I'm going to be flying around Spain this year, visiting various places and getting back to my old ways of having great dreams and big adventures. Flying with my Dad who is a Private Pilot - check out his Facebook page and say Hi. https://www.facebook.com/Blofeldprivatepilot/?modal=admin_todo_tour If you want to take a pleasure flight, he can take up to three people. Contact him on his Facebook page and mention me 'The Perce' and he will give you a discount on your flights! Well done Dad!

Now... Talking about discounts. The great people at 'Embark Pets' are sponsoring our flights around Spain and you can get a 15% discount on all their products using my DISCOUNT CODE : PRERCY15

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer sun and look forward to you joining me on my new adventures.

Love "The Perce'

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