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When you're invited for a bowl of water and a Chardonnay!

Hi Folks,

I took a quick car ride to Gibraltar this week to meet my new pal Julie Harris.

Julie is one of my lovely YouTube subscribers who contacted me cos she realised that I'm only down the road in Chiclana de la Frontera!

We had a lovely afternoon in the Sun, sitting of the sofas on the Square. She gave me loads of cuddles, and told me all about Gibraltar and I told her all about my thoughts of Spain (so far!) I hope I will be seeing her again soon.

I've also heard my Dad talking about going to Granada to meet another subscriber soon.

If you're going to be in the area of Andalusia in Spain and would like to say "Hello" get in touch, this is my personal email : percythelabrador@gmail.com

But if you can't meet me, no worries! you can send me a nice picture for my Percy Pals Page! This is my website: https://www.percythelabrador.co.uk/percythelabrador-pal-page

Well dudes! Things to do.... see you next week. Love The Perce x

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