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T-Shirts of the World

Hi Folks,

As you know... I am friends with the world! I love all people and all places! But I am a dog...... and dogs although are great at most things, we can not work a computer..... SO! I've had my people for you people to design a T-Shirt that can show my love for you all.

I bring you...... 'My T-Shirts of the World'....they are available in Adult and Children's sizes. If your country isn't shown yet, let me know! and I will get on the case.

SHOP HERE.... https://teespring.com/en-GB/stores/percy-the-labrador-store 20% discount with discount code ‘SUBSCRIBER’

Hope everyone had a great Thanks Giving. Christmas is now less than one month away, so get shopping! Love you all my wonderful friends.

The Perce xxx

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