• Percy the Labrador

Take a Look at me in my LUX DOG CHAIN

Hi Folks,

Hope you are all doing well in the COVID19 crisis.

I am enjoying my time living in my Casa (yep I speaka de Espanol ahora!.. trying!) and keeping myself to myself, having a swim, sunbathing, and just chilling waiting for the Virus to pass me by.

In the meantime, it was my birthday last week I hit the great age of 7 years and I got sent lots of prezzies, in particular, this fantastic gold chain from www.LuxDogChain.com

I think you will agree, it's a bit fancy for sure it will impress the ladies on a Saturday night down the town. (after Covid that is!)

Any old way, just reminding you that on a Sunday I hold a live chat on YouTube for anyone who wants to ask me a question, send me some kisses or give ideas for videos etc. Peter Harper is a prime video idea provider!

Love and Peace People..... keep safe.... remember Hand, Face, Space! xxxx

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